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Risk and Disclaimer Statement
Bulls & Bears Trading Education Club (BBTE Club) is an Education Club set up to train, educate and share among its like-minded thinking members in mainly among others, trading psychology and the use of technical indicators or other statistical information via the use of mathematical algorithm or trading software to identify market trends, opportunities, risks and conditions. We are a training and educational firm in the use of advanced and specialised trading techniques and strategies based on such software or technical and mathematical algorithm calculation analysis. All analysis and information provided by us are for training and simulation purposes only to demonstrate the use of such software or technical analysis methods and are only for general information and should not be construed as an investment advice or a recommendation to you or anybody else at any time or in whatever circumstances to buy, hold or sell any specific financial securities or markets. Please note that we are not investment advisers and we do not provide investment advisory or services whether implied or express in our materials. You must seek advice or help from a licensed regulated professional or investment adviser mandated by law if you require investment advice or services. You should also consult with your licensed investment adviser before attempting any real-life trading or investments in the marketplace. Please read, understand and agree with our full "Risk And Disclaimer Statement" here and our full Terms of Service at this website before you choose at your own free mind and consideration to use any information at our website, newsletter or in any of our communication with you at your own sole risk and reward.